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As one of the world’s most elite business schools, we draw on the strength of senior advisors from leading organizations globally to serve on our Board of Visitors and Regional Advisory Boards. Representing a range of industries and regions, these leaders provide strategic counsel and support for the school's mission. 

Bill Boulding standing in the doorway

Dean Bill Boulding

Bill has advocated at the top levels of government, industry, and academia for ways that enable business to improve society. In 2014, Bill was invited by the White House to be part of an initiative that developed best practices for how business schools can encourage success for women and working families. In 2015, Bill engaged with the New York Federal Reserve in examining the role business schools can play in rebuilding trust in the financial services sector.

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Board of Visitors

Decision makers from many of the world's most important organizations advise on Fuqua's curriculum, programs, facilities, and operations. Known for their active engagement with the school, board members provide support on key initiatives and strengthen the school's relationships within the business community.

Bill Boulding
The Fuqua School of Business
Board Member Since 2011

Joseph Robert Swedish MHA '79
Chairman of the Board, The Fuqua School of Business
Executive Chairman, Anthem, Inc.
Board Member Since 2014


Rex D. Adams T ’62
Former Chairman, INVESCO, PLC
Dean Emeritus, The Fuqua School of Business
Board Member Since 1979

Harshavardhan V. Agadi MBA '87
President and CEO, Crawford & Company
Chairman & CEO, GHS Holdings
Board Member Since 2009

Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Althani MBA '10
Former Minister
Qatar's Economy and Commerce
Board Member Since 2014

Kelvin A. Baggett MBA '06
Chief Operating Officer, Health Care Navigator, LLC
Senior Advisor,Pharos Capital Group
Board Member Since 2013

Robert Derek Bandeen T '84, MBA '85
Retired Global Head of Equities
Citi Global Markets Ltd.
Board Member Since 2002

Katie Bayne T’88, MBA ‘89
Senior Vice President, Global Sparkling Brands
The Coca-Cola Company
Board Member Since 2016

Jack O. Bovender, Jr., FACHE, T '67, MHA '69
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Hospital Corporation of America (HCA)
Board Member Since 1993

Douglas K. Bratton MBA '84
Chief Executive Officer
Crestline Investors, Inc.
Board Member Since 2013

George William Brochick MBA ‘74
Executive Vice President
Penske Automotive Group
Board Member Since 2016

Enrique A. Conterno MBA '92
Senior Vice President & President, Lilly Diabetes
Eli Lilly and Company
Board Member Since 2009

Josephine S. Cooper MBA '77
Chief Executive
Josephine Cooper, LLC, Public Policy Consultation
Board Member Since 2004

Michael R. Elia MBA ‘88
Board Member
Gerber Scientific Inc.
Board Member Since 2016

Joseph J. Euteneuer MBA '11
Chief Financial Officer
Mattel, Inc.
Board Member Since 2015

Graham Goldsmith MBA ’94
CEO & Co-Chief Investment Officer
Cross Ocean Partners
Board Member Since 2016

Gerald L. Hassell T '73
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 
BNY Mellon 
Board Member Since 1999

Joseph C. Hines MBA ’03
2017-2018 Alumni Council Chair, The Fuqua School of Business
Principal, Timmons Group
Board Member Since 2017

Kathryn Anne Hollister T '81
Managing Partner, Strategy 
Deloitte Global Tax & Legal 
Deloitte Tax LLP 
Board Member Since 2014

Berik Kaniyev MBA '06
Lancaster Group 
Board Member Since 2010

Robert J. Keegan
Non-Executive Chairman
Xerox Corporation 
Board Member Since 2013

Thomas F. Keller T '53
Dean Emeritus 
The Fuqua School of Business 
Board Member Since 2007

Gregory Clark Kelly T ‘90
Senior Partner 
McKinsey & Company 
Board Member Since 2016

L. Kevin Kelly MBA '99
Vice Chairman
Options Group
Board Member Since 2005

Jefferson W. Kirby MBA '87
Managing Member
Broadfield Capital
Board Member Since 2002

Michael W. Lamach MBA '01
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Ingersoll Rand
Board Member Since 2013

J. Richard Leaman III T '84, MBA '86
Vice Chairman
Moelis & Company
Board Member Since 2002

Alison Levine MBA ‘00
Faculty and Board Member, Thayer Leader Development Group at West Point
Executive Producer, The Glass Ceiling movie
Board Member Since 2016

Judson C. Linville
Chief Executive Officer, Citi Cards
Board Member Since 2006

William K. Luby MBA ’85
Seaport Capital, LLC
Board Member Since 2016

Owen A. May MBA '83
Managing Partner and Co-Founder
MD Global Partners LLC
Board Member Since 2005

Bill McDermott
Chief Executive Officer
Board Member Since 2015

Cynthia L. Meyn MBA ‘10
Chief Operating Officer
Venerable Holdings
Board Member Since 2016

Patricia Fox Miron MBA '96
GM, Marketing and Operations for Latin America
Microsoft Corporation
Board Member Since 2017

Kyle Mumma T '13, MBA '18
Daytime MBA Class of 2018 Student Representative
The Fuqua School of Business
Board Member Since 2017

Haruo Naito
Chief Executive Officer
Eisai Co., Ltd.
Board Member Since 1995

Adil A. Nathani MBA '87
Managing Principal
QMS Capital Management LP
Board Member Since 2012

Michael G. Nefkens
Executive Vice President and General Manager, Regions and Industries
DXC Technology
Board Member Since 2017

Peter M. Nicholas, Jr. T '92, MBA '98
Founder and Chief Executive
Eagles Ketch, LLC
Board Member Since 2003

Jessica Odeyemi MBA '18
Daytime MBA Class of 2018 Student Representative
The Fuqua School of Business
Board Member Since 2017

J. Michael Pearson E '81
Former Chairman & CEO
Valeant Pharmaceuticals Intl. Inc.
Board Member Since 2010

J. Derek Penn T '79, MBA '84
Managing Director, Head of Equities
BNY Mellon Capital Markets, LLC
Board Member Since 2004

Richard D. Pilnik T '79
DiaMedica Therapeutics
Board Member Since 1999

J. Michael Prince MBA '01
Chief Executive Officer
USPA Global Licensing Inc.
Official Licensor of the United States Polo Association
Board Member Since 2015

Christine P. Richards L '79
Retired Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary
FedEx Corporation
Board Member Since 2008

Frank A. Riddick, III MBA '80
Chief Executive Officer
FloWorks International LLC
Board Member Since 1996

Carlos Jose Rodriguez MBA ‘85
Chairman & CEO
Driftwood Acquisitions & Development
Board Member Since 2017

Jeffrey W. Rollins T '87, MBA '88
Managing Member, Osprey Advisors
Sr. Investment Officer, Ashford Capital
Board Member Since 2005

Jonathan D. Roth MBA '90
Managing Director, President
Abbott Capital Management, LLC
Board Member Since 2003

Mark L. Reuss MBA '90
Executive VP, Global Product Development, Purchasing and Supply Chain
General Motors Company
Board Member Since 2017

Mary V. Sawyer MBA ‘05
2016-2017 Alumni Council Chair, The Fuqua School of Business 
Senior Manager, Deloitte LLP 
Board Member Since 2016

Alan D. Schwartz T '72
Executive Chairman 
Guggenheim Partners, LLC 
Board Member Since 1986

William G. Shean MBA '84
Managing Director, Investments 
CYS Investments, Inc. 
Board Member Since 2013

Malvinder M. Singh MBA '98
Executive Chairman 
Fortis Healthcare Limited 
Board Member Since 2004

Shivinder M. Singh MBA '00
Executive Vice Chairman 
Fortis Healthcare Limited 
Board Member Since 2005

David Bruce Snow MHA '78
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer 
Cedar Gate Technologies 
Board Member Since 2015

Douglas Mark Steenland
Non-Executive Chairman of the Board
Board Member Since 2017

Michael R. Stone T'84
Founder and Managing Member
FS Investors
Board Member Since 2016

Paul T. Sweeney MBA '91
U.S. Director of Research and
Senior Media/Internet Analyst
Bloomberg, L.P.
Board Member Since 2013

Bharat Tandon MBA '86
BTR Packaging
Board Member Since 2013

David Scott Taylor E '80
Chairman of the Board, President & CEO
The Procter & Gamble Company
Board Member Since 2013

Neal F. Triplett T ’93, MBA ‘99
President & CEO
Board Member Since 2016

Pakpoom Vallisuta MBA '98
The Quant Group Ltd.
Board Member Since 2005

Christian Van Thillo MBA '89
Chief Executive Officer
De Persgroep
Board Member Since 2010

William A. Vogel MBA '76
Chief Executive Officer
Montag & Caldwell LLC
Board Member Since 2004

G. Richard Wagoner, Jr. T '75
Retired Chairman and CEO 
General Motors 
Board Member Since 1995

Teresa Miles Walsh T '85, MBA '87
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director 
Access Media Advisory LLC 
Board Member Since 2005

Alan M. Wise T ’94, MBA ‘98
Senior Partner and Managing Director
The Boston Consulting Group
Board Member Since 2016

Jesse J. Wu MBA '82
Li Ning Company Limited
Board Member Since 2012


John A. Allison MBA '74
Retired Chairman and CEO, BB&T
Retired President and CEO, Cato Institute

Roy J. Bostock T '62
Chairman, Sealedge Investments
Retired Vice Chairman, Delta Airlines, Inc.
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, D'Arcy Masius Benton & Bowles, Inc.

Brian L. Derksen MBA ‘78
Retired Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu LLP

J. Rex Fuqua
Chief Executive Officer, Fuqua Capital Corporation

Robert A. Garda E ’61
Retired Director, McKinsey & Company

John T. McNabb, II T ’66, MBA ‘79
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Willbros Group
Retired Vice Chairman, Corporate Finance, Duff & Phelps
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Growth Capital Partners

Ronald L. Nicol MBA '86
Retired Senior Partner & Managing Director, Global Practices, The Boston Consulting Group
Chairman Emeritus, Board of Visitors

Robert M. Price Jr. T ’52
President, PSV, Inc.

Alan G. Schwartz
Chairman, Tennis Corporation of America

Regional Advisory Boards

Known for their industry expertise and relationships, members of our Regional Advisory Boards provide counsel on Fuqua's curriculum and initiatives while helping the school deepen our understanding of the political economy. Learn more about our advisory boards in different regions:

East Asia



Latin America

Middle East

Russia / CIS



Bill Boulding

Senior Associate Deans

Preyas Desai
Senior Associate Dean, Digital Education

Mary Frances Luce
Senior Associate Dean, Faculty

Russ Morgan
Senior Associate Dean, Full-time Programs

Mohan Venkatachalam
Senior Associate Dean, Executive Programs

Dean's Cabinet

Karen Courtney
Associate Dean, Executive MBA Programs

Shane Dikolli
Associate Dean, Faculty Engagement

Sheryle Dirks
Associate Dean, Career Management

Erin Gasch
Assistant Dean, Development & Alumni Relations

Paula Greeno
Associate Dean, Health Sector Management Program

Randy Haskin
Associate Dean, Information Technology

Valerie Hausman
Associate Dean, Global Executive Education and Kazakhstan

Elizabeth Hogan
Associate Dean, Global Marketing

Shari Hubert
Associate Dean, Admissions

Steve Misuraca
Assistant Dean, Daytime MBA Program

Tony O'Driscoll
Global Head, Duke CE

Jeremy Petranka
Assistant Dean, MMS and MQM Programs

Chris Shull
Assistant Dean, Finance and Administration

Sharon Thompson
Assistant Dean, Admissions

Jill Tomlinson
Associate Dean, Finance and Administration

Meg Trauner
Director, Ford Library

Hank Woods
Associate Dean, Development & Alumni Relations