Two-Minute Profile

Distinguish yourself from others by preparing and rehearsing a great response to the frequently asked question, "Tell me about yourself." Doing this exercise will help you decide how you want to be remembered. If the interviewer does not ask this question, you can conveniently lift out portions of your response to use in other answers.

A memorable and compelling response should:

  • Be no more than 2-3 minutes.
  • Start with a "headline."
  • Demonstrate how everything you've done up to this point makes you the perfect candidate for the job.
  • Tell your story just enough so the interviewer wants to hear more.
  • Leave no doubt about why you are a good fit, why you are interested in the company, and how your goals and background can benefit the organization.
  • Tell the truth and be interesting.
  • Not be a chronology of your life.

Because the optimum answer to any interview question is seldom more than two minutes, practicing your short presentation will help you judge the length of any response. Remember, practicing is good, but avoid being overly rehearsed in your answers.

Sample Structure

  • What have you done?

  • A Unique fact or description that connects back (even by inference) to your value and character.

  • What are your goals?

  • What unique combination of skills and experience differentiates you from the competition?

  • How did your interests lead you in this direction?

  • How have you progressed?

  • What skills and expertise have you developed?

  • What impact have you made?

  • What motivated you or influenced your career decisions?

  • Key accomplishments described using Actions & Results.

  • Brief description of projects which you were enthusiastic and/or proudest about.

  • What you learned from your experiences.

  • Significant leadership or community activities that highlight skills not utilized professionally.

  • Link your past to the future.

  • Description of cultures/environments you thrive in.

  • Enthusiasm for the company and position.

With enough preparation, your "tell me about yourself" answer will sound smooth, concise, compelling, enthusiastic and memorable.

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