Student Giving

Fuqua recent graduates

Philanthropy begins long before students turn in their tassels at graduation. Student giving is a Fuqua tradition that is considered a student’s first gift to the Fuqua Annual Fund.

When should you pledge?

As part of this campaign, we ask that you make a pledge to the Fuqua Annual Fund between now and June 30, 2019. During this time, you will be hearing from Development and Alumni Relations regularly on how your class is doing in the campaign and how much money you’ve helped to raise for the Fuqua Annual Fund.

Why should you pledge?

We know you’re getting ready to move to new places and start new jobs, so Fuqua is asking you to commit now to making your first gift to the Fuqua Annual Fund, and pay it at a future date - after you’ve graduated and settled into your post-graduate school life.  You will have until May 2020 to pay your pledge.

How much should you pledge?

When deciding how much to pledge, consider a meaningful amount that demonstrates your appreciation and love for your Fuqua experience. No matter how big or small, your pledge today and future investment in Fuqua make a significant impact on the students who come after you.

What does my pledge support?

Your tuition helped to deliver the best student experience to you, funding our access to our award-winning faculty, classroom materials and resources, and extracurricular learning opportunities. Your pledge to the Fuqua Annual Fund funds the evolution of Fuqua, ensures we remain competitive, and drives our impact in the world.

In the past, the Fuqua Annual Fund has supported:

  • Team building and leadership training exercises such as Triangle Training and CLEAD
  • Merit scholarships and the Yellow Ribbon scholarship program for veterans
  • Experiential learning opportunities like GATE, FCCP
  • The Duke Basketball Experience
  • Alumni webinars
  • Corporate site visits and case studies
  • Capstone projects
  • Cultural immersion exercises
  • Research assistantships with world-class faculty
     …and so much more!

Make your pledge to the Fuqua Annual Fund TODAY and join the ranks of dedicated Fuqua students and alumni who maintain lifelong connections to the school through their philanthropy. If you would rather support the Annual Fund with a gift today rather than a pledge, please visit our online giving site.

Make your pledge

Contact the Alumni Relations team at for more information.

Bill Boulding

Class Pledge with Dean Bill Boulding

Fuqua's Alumni Board Members

Class Pledge with Fuqua's Alumni Board Members

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MQM Class Pledge with Prince John MQM '19

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