Build on your experience

In less than a year our Accelerated Daytime MBA program builds on your prior knowledge to help you develop into a new kind of leader. Having already earned your master’s degree in management, at Fuqua you’ll skip the business fundamentals to immerse yourself in the electives and experiential learning opportunities that support your unique goals. Learning alongside a diverse group of peers, you’ll develop a new way of working that draws out the strength in others and helps you become the leader who can inspire organizations to do better while doing what’s best.

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Design your MBA

Our unique curriculum enables you to choose from over 100 electives. You’ll be able to broaden your expertise across multiple subjects or deepen your knowledge within a specific industry or function.

Expand your inner circle

With 60+ professional, affinity, and leisure activity clubs, you can dive into a diverse set of interests outside the classroom -- supported by a community that helps focus your talents.

Grow beyond your comfort zone

We combine classroom instruction with experiential learning opportunities, enabling you to apply your skills in real-world situations.

Meet your Fuqua family

Our class schedule encourages students to stay in Durham over the weekend, fostering strong relationships between students, alumni, faculty, and their families.

Drive your career

With specialized coaches, our Career Management Center helps you define a plan to pursue the next steps on your career path.

Top Tip

We're a STEM-designated Program!

International students whose jobs meet certain requirements may have a total of up to 36 months to gain work experience in the U.S.

Daytime MBA Students in Fuqua's Fox Center
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Our community thrives on a diversity of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives—ensuring we learn from people who think differently..



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