Pack your bags for a different type of learning

Today’s businesses operate in many countries, regulatory environments, treasuries, and trade theories—so giving you exposure to various cultures and points of view from around the world is an integral part of Fuqua’s Daytime MBA program.

You’ll learn alongside peers that come from all over the globe and have vastly different perspectives than yours. You’ll work together to maximize each others’ strengths, and to put those strengths toward a common goal. Plus, the programs and initiatives developed by our International Programs Office will provide you with opportunities to further enrich your leadership skills with real-world experiences outside the U.S.

On the ground. Around the globe.

All over the world, Fuqua's regional teams build relationships with leading firms and local organizations to create opportunities for you. They nurture our local alumni networks to build Fuqua’s name recognition, and work with our boards of advisors in each region—and leading firms around the world—to help ensure that we continue to adapt our curriculum and research to changing global needs.

Study it. See it.

Global Academic Travel Experience (GATE) lets you study another culture and gain exposure to international businesses through visits to multinational corporations, local enterprises, government agencies, exchange program partner schools, alumni, and others in the chosen country. After 6 weeks of coursework, students take an intense 2-week study tour to the country or region studied. During the trip, you’ll mingle with locals and meet with business and government leaders in a wide variety of industries and economic sectors.

Your passport to new experiences

Fuqua offers unique experiences outside the United States. Try a hands-on consulting position helping an organization overcome a business challenge by working directly with their executives, whether it be for a Fortune 500 company based in the U.S., a small healthcare provider in a developing market such as India or Africa, or any organization in between. Or study abroad as part of our robust 28-country exchange program. No matter what you choose, you have the chance to move beyond the familiar and well past your comfort zone. You can apply your talents and develop new skills with practical training—while earning course credit. We provide the structure; you provide the talent and knowledge to make change happen.

A favorable exchange rate

Fuqua maintains exchange relationships with many outstanding business schools from around the world—from London Business School (LBS) in the U.K., to Tsinghua in China, to Melbourne Business School in Australia. The Outgoing Exchange Program (OEP) gives you the chance to study overseas for a term, for a semester, or even during your summer break.

Global Academic Travel Experience China

Global Academic Travel Experience - China



Countries where Fuqua has exchange programs with top business schools

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