Master of Environmental Management / MBA and Master of Forestry / MBA

Whether your career interests lie in renewable energy, corporate sustainability, carbon/environmental markets, energy finance, or public-private environmental partnerships, Duke's Master of Environmental Management (MEM)/MBA and Master of Forestry (MF)/MBA dual degrees prepare you to navigate complex issues at intersection of business, energy, and the environment. You’ll learn to make a difference in the world—not just in profit margins.

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    What makes MEM/MBA different from an MBA with a concentration in Energy and the Environment?

    The dual MEM/MBA is a full year longer, and you graduate with:

    • Two master's degrees
    • A completed master's project
    • A second summer internship
    • Specialized coursework in environmental science and policy

    Admissions Information

    • Prospective students apply to each school independently, and most students apply to both schools concurrently.We also welcome applications from existing MEM or MF students to start the dual degree during their 2nd year of school.
    • Each school will review your application separately and come together to discuss your candidacy.
    • If you are admitted to one but not both schools, you may reapply to the desired second school later in your academic career.
    • Admission to one school does not guarantee admission to the other.
    • For current first year Daytime Fuqua students wishing to add the MEM or MF as a dual degree with the MBA, you must seek approval to switch your student status from Sr. Associate Dean, Russ Morgan, and Associate Dean, Steve Misuraca, prior to applying to the Nicholas School of the Environment.

    Application Fast Facts

    Typically, students follow the course of study below:

    Year 1: Nicholas School

    Year 2: Fuqua

    Year 3: Blended + final master’s project at the Nicholas School

    Nicholas Concentrations

    For the MEM degree, you are required to choose two specialized concentrations of study. MF students follow the Forest Resource Management (FRM) concentration.

    MBA Concentrations

    You will have the option to complete up to two concentrations, two certificates or a combination of both at Fuqua.

    Day-to-Day Schedule

    • Fuqua courses are usually held on a Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday schedule.
    • Nicholas courses are usually held on a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday schedule.
    • Nicholas and Fuqua follow different academic calendars and semester schedules. Fuqua semesters are divided into two terms each. When scheduling a semester-long course at the Nicholas School, be sure to consider both of Fuqua's terms so that there will not be a conflict.

    Extending the Classroom

    MEM/MBA and MF/MBA students benefit from taking advantage of Fuqua’s many Experiential Learning opportunities, engaging directly with companies on real-world projects.

    Tuition Rate

    • You’ll have a special combined tuition, paid every semester (regardless of where courses are taken).
    • If you start at one school and later add the second degree, you will have a one-time tuition adjustment applied in your first semester of the dual degree program.

    Fuqua Financial Aid and Merit Scholarships

    • All admitted applicants are considered for scholarship, and merit scholars are selected by the Merit Scholarship Committee.
    • Scholarship selection criteria include:
      • Prior academic achievement
      • Demonstrated leadership qualities
      • Level of community involvement
      • Extracurricular activities
      • Professional accomplishments
    • Awards are made independent of eligibility for loans and work-study employment.
    • Fuqua scholarship awards will be applied in all dual degree academic years that have a blended tuition rate charge and will only pay towards Fuqua’s share of tuition.
    • If selected to be a scholarship recipient, admitted students will receive notification of the award with their letter of admission.
    • Fuqua has a variety of student loan programs that are available to both domestic and international students.
    • Every applicant is eligible to apply for a combination of federal and alternative student loans to meet their cost of tuition, fees, books, and related living expenses.
    • Learn more about Fuqua's financial aid programs and scholarships.

    Nicholas School Financial Aid and Scholarships

    Duke's MEM/MBA and MF/MBA degree programs prepare you for a variety of roles at the intersection of business and environment—from sustainability consulting roles with major management consulting firms, to leadership positions with energy and clean-tech companies, to corporate sustainability strategy positions with Fortune 500 companies. Duke MEM/MBA and MF/MBA students work in both the private and public/NGO sectors.

    As a Duke MEM/MBA and MF/MBA student, you’ll have full access to the career management centers and activities at both the Nicholas School and Fuqua. You are assigned both a peer mentor (a second- or third-year MEM/MBA or MF/MBA student) and a Career Fellow to help guide you through academics and your job search process. 

    Both Fuqua and the Nicholas School have relationships with key employers, as well as robust networks of alumni who are leaders in energy and environmental industries. Through industry-specific networking events and career expos, on-campus recruiting, project engagements, peer mentoring, job search teams, and individual student career coaching, Duke helps connect you with unique career opportunities.

    Among other top-tier employers, recent dual degree candidates have gone on to energy- and environment-related positions with:

    • NextEra Energy
    • Nike
    • Deloitte
    • Patagonia
    • Marathon Capital
    • FTI Consulting
    • AES Corporation
    • Goldman Sachs
    • ScottMadden
    • National Grid
    • Tesla
    • Amazon

    My Career

    3 Ways Fuqua is Helping Me Pursue an Energy Career

    Four students wearing hardhats in a wind farm
    An MEM/MBA dual degree student shares the keys to her transition from financial services to energy.