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Taking time away from your career to further your education is an exciting opportunity, and we’re committed to making a Duke MBA accessible to all qualified candidates. Here you’ll find basic information about Daytime MBA program costs. For detailed information on merit scholarships and how to apply for student loans and other financial aid, please visit Financing Your Degree.

For students beginning their program in August 2024 (class of 2026), tuition cost is currently 77,925 USD. 

For information about the billing schedule and due dates for tuition & fees, please visit the University Bursar Office website

Estimated First-Year Cost of Attendance for the Daytime MBA Class of 2026:

Expense Cost (USD)
Tuition 77,925
Estimated Medical Insurance & Other Fees 8,005
Estimated Educational Supplies 848
Estimated Living Expenses 24,048
Estimated Total Cost of Attendance (USD) 110,826


For more information on scholarships, loans, and detailed Cost of Attendance, please visit Financing Your Degree.

There are a number of opportunities—including merit scholarships, loans, and other programs—to help make your Fuqua Daytime MBA a reality.

Aid Type Eligibility
Merit-based scholarships All applicants considered; no application required to be eligible
Federal and private student loans U.S. citizens and permanent residents
International Student Loan Program
(no cosigner needed)

International students

Yellow Ribbon Program Eligible Chapter 33 (Post 9/11 GI Bill) recipients
Peace Corps Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program Students who have satisfactorily completed service in the U.S. Peace Corps and who engage in community service while enrolled
Center for the Advancement of Social Entrepreneurship (CASE) Social Sector Scholarship Individuals with social sector backgrounds who are looking to acquire business skills for use in their pursuit of social impact
Other CASE support for Interns Varies based on internship
Rex and Ellen Adams Loan Assistance Program Qualifying alumni who work full-time for eligible nonprofit and government organizations or certified B-Corporations


For more information about your options, visit Financing Your Degree.

Dual degree students pay a blended tuition rate for the dual program, which is shared by both schools. Students who apply and are new admits to both schools for the same academic year will pay the blended tuition rate from the start of the dual degree program. Applicants who are already a student at one school and at a later time decide to apply to the other school as a dual degree student will have a tuition adjustment applied over two subsequent semesters of their dual degree program to account for the blended tuition rate that they should have paid in their first school year.

Below is the estimated 2024-25 academic year Cost of Attendance (per dual degree program) for students starting in the 2024 Fall semester:

Blended Tuition Rate 77,408 77,925* 62,081.50 66,160.50
Estimated Fees 8,155 8,005 8,005 8,105
Estimated Course Materials 644 848 644 644
Estimated Living Expenses 24,048 24,048 24,048 24,048
Estimated Total Costs (USD) 110,255 110,826 94,778.50 98,957.50

*Since students are registered only at Fuqua during the first year of the MD/MBA dual degree program, the tuition will reflect Fuqua's normal MBA tuition rate (no blended tuition rate in the first year).

Typically, student loans are initially processed at the school where the student begins their course of study. A Fuqua dual degree student is expected to enroll at the other school in their first year of the dual degree program.  Therefore, that school will process the student loan for the first year. Fuqua will then process the student loan in the year that the student is enrolled at Fuqua, which is usually the second year of the dual degree program.  (Please note that there are exceptions for the JD/MBA and MD/MBA programs.)

Each school makes scholarship decisions independently. Fuqua scholarship awards will be applied in all dual degree academic years that have a blended tuition rate charge and will only pay towards Fuqua's share of tuition. 
Also, starting the MBA program solely as a Fuqua student and then switching to a dual degree program at a later time will likely impact any Fuqua scholarship award. Please contact our Financial Aid Office about how becoming a dual degree student may impact your Fuqua scholarship.



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