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Admission to the Global Executive MBA program is highly selective, designed to identify students who have strong business skills and leadership experiences, who thrive on different perspectives, and who have ambitions that will be served by the program’s offerings.

Your first step? Connect with Kavita Rajagopal, our Global Executive MBA counselor. Because “fit” is so important when deciding on an MBA program, Kavita will help you determine if your story and motivations are a good match for this program —and vice versa.  

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You'll find our admissions team very responsive to your questions, helping you determine whether Duke is right for you and connecting you to information and resources to help throughout the admissions process.

Global Executive MBA Class of 2026 Application Round Deadlines

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Application and Interview Deadline Decision Deadline Deposit Deadline
Oct. 2, 2024 Oct. 16, 2024 Nov. 27, 2024
Nov. 6, 2024 Nov. 20, 2024 Jan. 6, 2025
Dec. 4, 2024 Dec. 18, 2024 Jan. 29, 2025
Jan. 8, 2025 Jan. 22, 2025 Mar. 5, 2025
Feb. 5, 2025 Feb. 19, 2025 Apr. 2, 2025
Mar. 5, 2025 Mar. 19, 2025 Apr. 30, 2025
Apr. 2, 2025 Apr. 16, 2025 May 21, 2025
May 7, 2025 May 21, 2025 Jun. 25, 2025

If you are:

Seeking a merit-based scholarship: While every admitted student is considered for a merit scholarship, it may be to your benefit to apply in the earliest round possible, as we have a set budget for scholarship funding.

Applying from another country: While we encourage international applicants to apply by Round 7, you may still apply in Round 8. You will need to provide your transcripts/academic records officially translated in English, which should include:

  • Degree name
  • Degree date
  • Course names
  • Grades received

Reapplying: Contact an admissions counselor before you begin the admissions process again.  

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We'd love to learn more about your background and goals so we can help you explore whether the Global Executive MBA is a good fit for your career. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have about our programs or admissions process. 


Global Executive MBA Application Deadline

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Why an Executive MBA and Why Duke?


Test Waivers

Our Office of Admissions offers standardized test waivers on a case-by-case basis for Executive MBA applicants.

Admissions Details

  1. Explore Fuqua

    Connect with us, get questions answered

  2. Gather Materials

    Contact recommenders, get transcripts

  3. Work on Application

    Revise resume, write essays

  4. Submit Best Application

    Share your story and ambitions

  5. Interview

    In person, by phone, or via Skype

  6. Receive a Decision

Selection Criteria

A good match is important from both sides—yours and ours—so we take a holistic approach to considering your candidacy. Each of the components of your application gives you the chance to demonstrate your strengths and fit with Fuqua. You’ll be considered a strong applicant if:

  • We’re confident you will be successful in our program (which requires having a high English proficiency).
  • You’ll add value to Fuqua and your peers through your professional, personal, and academic experiences.
  • You believe diversity in thought and background are important within your professional life and community.
  • You demonstrate competence, character, and purpose and have the strongest potential to be a leader who is a positive force for change.

Learn more about a typical Global Executive MBA class.

We look at all your work experience—how it will contribute to our learning environment and how it has helped you develop leadership and teamwork skills.

  • Applicants must have at least five years of post-graduate full-time work experience, including experience acquired during medical residency, postdoctoral research, or military service, to qualify for the program. Exceptions to this requirement extend to individuals with nontraditional educational paths, such as obtaining a bachelor's degree after military service or at a later stage in life.
  • You are not required to be currently employed.
  • In your application, detail how your post-graduate work experience, including any unconventional roles, will contribute to Fuqua’s learning environment.

Fuqua values diversity and unique points of view, so we admit applicants with:

  • Various undergraduate degrees and professional backgrounds
  • A wide range of GPAs and GMAT/GRE and Executive Assessment (EA) scores

Because the Global Executive MBA program is demanding and fast-paced and requires strong quantitative and analytical skills, the admissions committee pays particular attention to the quantitative segment of your test scores, your performance in quantitative and business undergraduate courses, the quality of your undergraduate institution, and your work history, including the types of quantitative work you’ve been exposed to. Test waivers are offered on a case-by-case basis for Executive MBA applicants.

Your application essays, recommendations, and interview are what weave fit, passion, and impact together into your "story." No one part is more important than the other, so give each one your best. And most importantly, just be you.


You must include a current business resume. Start with your current position, and include any relevant volunteer work. Please make sure the experience and education sections list dates (month/year). 


Your essays let you share your perspective and help us understand what drives and inspires you, personally and at work. Use essays to fill in any gaps or provide extra details on key areas of your application.


One letter of recommendation is required for the application and should be from someone who knows your professional skills and abilities. Prepare your recommender to showcase parts of you that are not reflected in other areas of your application. 

Proprietors or principals of a company can ask a client, board member, or other professional colleague to write a recommendation. 


An interview is required to complete your application. During your interview, you’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Show us your interpersonal skills and what you’ll bring to the program
  • Give us additional insights into who you are and your background
  • Demonstrate how you’re a good fit for Fuqua and vice versa

Learn more about the interview process and registration.


Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our FAQ page for answers to the most frequently asked questions about our Global Executive MBA program. You can also reference our Global Executive MBA student blog to hear students’ perspectives on international residencies, maintaining work-life balance, and more.

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