Tailor your MBA

Customize your curriculum with a set of electives that support your unique goals, while earning an enhanced accreditation as a signal of that expertise. While it requires an additional term of study and an additional fee, pursuing a concentration or certificate expands your toolset in a chosen function or industry.


You have the opportunity to earn one of five concentrations. Each concentration requires two courses from an approved list during your Elective Terms, as well as an independent elective project.

Energy and Environment

Learn to understand the dynamics of the new energy economy, to balance corporate sustainability considerations with business objectives, to manage risk and innovation, and to act on energy and environmental challenges in innovative ways. This concentration allows you to develop subject matter expertise in the ways that energy and environmental issues will affect businesses in the future and strategies for managing risk and innovation in this context.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Gain the skills necessary to successfully navigate an entrepreneurial career path. For example, learn to identify and assess potential opportunities and environments, acquire and protect the key resources that are necessary to pursue these opportunities, and develop strategies to generate market interest. On the managerial side, learn to lead organizational operations, handle necessary transitions, and foster growth.


Making significant investment and financing decisions for either individuals or firms requires more than just understanding valuation, investments, and financial derivatives. The Finance concentration gives you the opportunity to build on your foundational knowledge to steer your career in the path most attractive to you.


Your marketing career, whether in consumer goods, services, high-technology, business-to-business, health care, or consulting will require your stewardship of the customer asset and managing the firm's brand equity. The courses in the Marketing concentration, coupled with your independent project, will elevate your marketing knowledge and skills for the marketing career path you choose.


If you’re interested in pursuing a career in strategic planning or general management, or with a strategy consulting firm, you can build on the broad foundation of your core curriculum with a Strategy concentration. This concentration will provide you with a deeper understanding of strategy and competitive environments, as well as the analytical skills you’ll need to bring insights to data.

Health Sector Management Certificate

Enhance your strategic thinking, functional skills, and overall understanding of the healthcare industry and be better equipped to lead in this ever-changing landscape. HSM layers the interdisciplinary study of the health sector onto your curriculum, providing a multitude of extra– and co–curricular events and programming that serve to augment your coursework and knowledge within the health care industry.

Prepare for management and leadership roles in various health industries including health systems, pharmaceuticals, consulting, medical devices, R&D, biotechnology, health policy, entrepreneurship, and innovation. 

The certificate requires a total of six courses:

Three Required Courses:

  • Health Institutions, Systems, & Policy (HSM Bootcamp)
  • Fundamentals of Health Sector Management: A Global Perspective (HSM Seminar)
  • HSM Project Course

Three Required Electives:

  • At least two HSM Industry Context Electives must be taken. If all three HSM Industry Context Electives are taken, then an HSM Breadth Elective is not required.
  • No more than one HSM Breadth Elective may be taken.
  • See HSM website for lists of elective options.

Learn more about our Health Sector Management programs.

Additional Tuition and Term Requirements

Additional fees apply for both the concentrations and the HSM certificate. Learn more in Tuition + Costs.

Concentration course requirements include a combination of two electives taken during your Elective Term (Term 6 and Term 7) and an independent project that may be completed through distance learning, so no further on-campus residency is required.

The HSM certificate includes additional coursework beyond your MBA requirements that may be completed through distance learning, so no further on-campus residency is required.

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Health Sector Management Around the World

Health Sector Management Around the World
From a medical innovation center in China to an NGO in India, a student shares how the Health Sector Management program creates unique learning opportunities during international studies.

Functional Concentrations


Topical Concentrations

Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Energy and the Environment

Class Requirements

2 Electives
1 Independent Project


Health Sector Management

Class Requirements

4 HSM core courses
1 HSM context elective
1 HSM breadth elective

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